Your Favourite Recipes Veganised

Your Favourite Recipes Veganised

For many people adopting a vegan lifestyle is a step by step process. You may start by cutting out meat and seafood, then decide to forgo eggs and dairy and then stop buying animal leather and wool products, opting instead for vegan shoes, clothes and accessories. Finally, you swap your regular beauty products for cruelty-free alternatives.

Whether you go vegan all at once or in stages, it’s really handy to have a repertoire of delicious recipes to make the transition to an animal-friendly, cruelty-free lifestyle easy and achievable. You’ll be glad to know that many of your favourite meals can be veganised by substituting just a few ingredients.

Following are 5 meal ideas with recipes that can easily be veganised. Next time your well-meaning friends or family ask “But what do you eat?” or “Isn’t it hard being vegan?” just whip them up one of the options below to prove to them that vegans get plenty to eat without having to sacrifice anything.


Caesar Salad


Soaked cashews make this delicious vegan Caesar Salad dressing extra creamy, and along with the roasted chickpeas in this recipe, they pack a real protein punch. You could also add some 'facon' - there are several products on the market - for some extra authenticity and flavour. This recipe from the wonderful Taste for Life Cookbook by Animals Australia can be found here.


Corn Fritters


Besan flour a.k.a chickpea flour is a fantastic egg replacer and when mixed with water can be used to make perfect, egg-free fritters. Serve them up with a dipping sauce of your choice, such as sweet chilli or some vegan mayonnaise mixed with Dijon and/or whole grain mustard. The recipe for these amazing corn fritters can be found here.




Nachos is the ultimate comfort food and loved by pretty much everyone. It's easy to make a vegan version by swapping the meat for beans, using coconut yoghurt instead of sour cream and whipping up a vegan cheese sauce (or using a store-bought vegan cheese). You'll find a recipe for vegan nachos here.


Meat-free Bolognese


You can easily substitute the meat in a Bolognese sauce with mushrooms, lentils or any beans for that matter to create a delicious vegan version. A product called Quorn, which contains mycoprotein made from fungus, can also used to produce a very authentic meat-free Bolognese. You'll find the recipe here.


Vegan Butter Chicken


Everyone loves the rich and creamy taste and mild flavour of butter chicken and we promise you this vegan version won't disappoint. In fact if you don't tell anyone,  they won't even realise it's meat free. Serve with rice or naan bread and some greens for a complete meal. You'll find the recipe here.